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"Evelyn and David did an outstanding job on the centerpieces for my daughter's graduation party and my son's Bar Mtizvah. In both cases they worked incredibily hard to make my vi..."

Miriam Chernick

"Bella Flair Design blew us away with her balloon centerpieces, arch, and topiaries at my daughter's Bat Mitzvah luncheon, and evening party. People were commenting that they've..."

Caren S.

Happy Bat Mitzvah family


Since most of our work is custom, it is difficult to put a price tag on it. We would need to discuss the details of your particular project in order to provide a quote. This is especially true with set design, arts & crafts and floral arrangements. The price of a floral arrangement can vary depending on style, type and number of flowers used and whether the flowers are seasonal. However, for balloon decor, we can give you an idea of fees since there are some standards that vary little.

Balloon Pricing

Basic Columns -- Columns consisting of standard balloons of the same size from top to bottom with one large simple topper ....... $65/each

Decorative Columns -- Columns consisting of different size balloons, special ornamental designs, lighting inserts, expensive toppers or balloon sculptures e.g. palm trees ...... $75+/each

String of Pearl Arches -- Single strand arches beginning at floor level or attached to columns. Using regular latex 11" balloons ...... $2.50/per balloon without ribbon; $2.75/per balloon with ribbon

Miscellaneous -- If special decorations are added to a balloon such as collars, 260Q balloons or double stuffing (a balloon inside another balloon) is involved, additional fees will apply.

Quicklink String of Pearl Arches -- Quicklinks are special balloons that attach to each other; single strands are billed at $2.75/per balloon.

Quicklink w/ clusters of 5" latex balloon collars -- For a more attractive look, we link 5" clusters around the necks of the balloons to create a "collar" effect. Cost -- $3.50/per set, consisting of 1 Link O' Loon and one 4 - 5" balloon cluster.

Spiral Garlands -- 11" Spiral garlands can be made of 4 or 5 balloon clusters. To determine size of arch, add the width and two times the height. For a 4 balloon cluster the fee is $8/per foot; and $9/per foot for a 5 balloon cluster.

Fish Bone Arch -- This is an arch that is a combination string of pearls and duplets. Cost is $5.50/per foot.

Sculptures/Free standing Column -- Costs vary depending on the type of sculpture.

Bouquets -- The range here can vary greatly from 3 balloons bouquet w/ribbon for $25, to more elaborate designs with mylars, geo donuts, Bubbles, Double Bubbles, and other ornamental balloons. For an additional fee the bases of balloons can be adorned as gift boxes, flower pots filled w/candy or other designs. Otherwise, the balloons will be weighted down w/decorative sand weights or balloon weights.

Floating Clouds -- Floating clouds can be done as a single cloud but for the best effect, it is best to combine them in a set. The most popular sets are three or five. A single balloon cluster w/16" topper is $35+/each. A set of three consisting of two 16" toppers & a 3 ft. balloon centered w/other balloons inside of it, will cost $200 w/ribbon and $300/set of 5 clouds consisting of four 16" topper clouds w/3 ft. balloon at center & ribbon.

Additional Fees -- The following fees are on a case by case basis and completely depend on the space we are working in and time constraints. Depending on the project, there may be a set up fee but this will be discussed before hand with the client. No surprises! If we have to come to an event to "strike it", there will be an additional fee ranging from $75+ depending on how much to strike and the distance of the event. All poles used in columns and other material must be returned or additional fees will apply. PLEASE NOTE: Due to the helium shortage, pricing, depending on the project, is subject to change.

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