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"Evelyn and David did an outstanding job on the centerpieces for my daughter's graduation party and my son's Bar Mtizvah. In both cases they worked incredibily hard to make my vi..."

Miriam Chernick

"Bella Flair Design blew us away with her balloon centerpieces, arch, and topiaries at my daughter's Bat Mitzvah luncheon, and evening party. People were commenting that they've..."

Caren S.

Happy Bat Mitzvah family

About Us...

Bella Flair began quite innocently, as a desire to help at my daughter's school. I wanted to be involved in some creative way but wasn't sure how. I knew I enjoyed decorating but had no idea what I could do once I put my heart to it. Let this be a lesson to all of you out there who may feel that you lack ability in someway to accomplish a dream.

I began simply at first just working with balloons; first a string of pearls and then a column and before I knew it, I was able to create elaborate designs. I then moved onto flowers. I honestly had no idea there were so many different types of flowers! Instead of worrying about design concepts, I decided to trust the gifts God gave me and out it came without any formal training. The results surprised even me.

The rest is par for the course, arts & crafts rolled right into it (I now consider myself the Puerto Rican Martha Stewart), and being a professional actress, set design (on a smaller scale), was a natural fit.

Of course, none of this could have ever been done without the help and support of my husband, David.

To me, having a creative outlet is a must! If I am not creating, I don't feel complete. I am happiest when the creative juices are flowing.

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